In-Home Grooming

All Grooms Include:

Nail Trimming & Filing

Expert Handling with use of Stainless Steel tools and a Pet Dremel Nail Grinder. Paw Pad Balm and Paw Soak available for Dogs who require it.

Teeth Brushing

Natural Enzymatic Plaque Spray, Chicken Flavored Toothpaste and a Brand new Toothbrush for your dog. Dental Scaling available.

Brush Out and Haircut

Complete Brush Out of coat. Haircut and Style based on your preference or breed standard.

Ear Cleaning, Flushing and Hair Removal

Ears Cleaned and flushed with Natural, Non-stinging Solution.

Bath & Blow Dry

Application of Veterinary grade Eye lubricant. Bath with Showseason, Natural Hypoallergenic Shampoo. Hypoallergenic Conditioner, Southbark Blueberry Facial upon request.

Custom Scent Spritz, Bow or Bandana

Choose from over 6 different Natural Pet Colognes. Bandanas are cut to fit and Bows are handmade. Swarvoski Crystal bows upon request.

Some of Our Work

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  • All Grooms Require Access to an Indoor Bathtub or Shower and a Quiet Room big enough to fit a 36" Grooming Table with accessible Electric Outlets.

  • Services will be completed based on the willingness of your pet- No Harsh handling is ever allowed.

  • Pricing Begins at $60+ (Price is based on your Dog's breed, Size and your location)

  • Every Groom is All Inclusive- We do not believe in charging extra for the important things your companion needs!

Please Contact Us for Pricing and to Book your Appointment Today!