I am a client of Angela’s. As the owner of two rescue dogs I started training them with Angela after attempts with other trainers were unsuccessful.
Angela is definitely a self starter, in the months I have known Angela she has written many articles on the subject of humans and their animals.  She additionally, has started her own business incorporating all aspects of caring for, understanding and training your dogs.
She shows on time for our appointments and  is flexible when the dogs moods dictate.  She remains courteous and professional at all times while her love  and warmth towards my dogs is real and heartfelt.
As her client, I observe a woman who is passionate about her dog training and her interactions with my dogs and myself has been highly satisfactory. Her demeanor exudes total confidence, she continues to work in the field she is compassionate about and shares her knowledge through articles and personal communication.  She is extremely competent and has shared many tips for training in a gentle and loving way while educating me in animal behaviors in general. 
Myself and my dogs have grown tremendously through Angela's guidance and I have continued to depend on her for solid advise whenever I come up against any unwanted behaviors in my dogs.  Angela at all times uses and encourages positive training methods and we have done some work with the clicker.  I do not see any areas for improvement but, I project that Angela will continue to seek out all research/articles/ information in her field and continue to incorporate it into her interactions with animals and share her knowledge with owners.